Gallery Extrana Opening: Art by Nix Turner



BERKELY, CA – JUNE 25, 2008: Nicomi “Nix” Turner, head illustrator for Emily the Strange fashions, proudly debuts her solo work at the upcoming In Vein show at Gallery Extraña, 2912 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. Nix’s paintings illustrate an earthy, somewhat dark interpretation of beauty through a skillful and romantic combination of women, animal skulls, veins, birds and flowers. The show will open on July 11th, from 7 to 11 pm, and continue through August 30th, 2008. Music will for the opening will be provided by San Francisco’s Beno + Minnie.

As a head illustrator for counterculture icon Emily the Strange, the odd 13-year-old girl with the ubiquitous black cat quartet, Nix translates some of what makes Emily so popular into her paintings outside of work. What’s obvious in her art is her love for anatomy. “My mother taught college courses on anatomy and physiology. I would help by drawing anatomical illustrations for her students’ tests. And I was always fascinated by phlebotomies, and watching the students draw each other’s blood.”

What inspires Nix? “My home is decorated with anatomical charts and botanical illustrations from the 18th century. I have a skull collection that I base a lot of my work on – I’ve got bobcats, birds and foxes. I really see the beauty in a perfectly formed skull. “

Through careful linework and a choice color palette, Nix calls attention to what lies just beneath the surface of the skin, presenting to the viewer a darker and surprising take on standardly accepted female beauty. Gallery Estraña is very pleased to be showcasing what this talented artist does off the Emily clock.

Created in 1995 by artist, writer, and musician Rob Reger, Emily the Strange has become an internationally known icon for individualism, female empowerment, and do-it-yourself style. A product of the San Francisco graphic arts community, Emily graces a full, rock-influenced fashion clothing and accessory line, including everything from T-shirts, dresses, and underwear to toys, guitars, and school supplies. She is the featured character in a series of comic books from Dark Horse Comics, four hardbound Chronicle Books, and an upcoming series of young adult novels from HarperCollins Publishing. For more information on Emily the Strange, contact Jill Beaverson at or 510-845-3645 x220, or visit <> .


Galleria Extraña was founded by Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger and artist/curator Aimee Friberg. Its mission is to showcase contemporary, emerging, and mid-career artists primarily from the Bay Area, with a special focus on talent from the East Bay, where the gallery is situated. Galleria Extraña is committed to exhibiting eccentric, “strange,” and off-center work, and seeks to promote local and underrepresented talent.

Outside of featured shows, Gallery Estraña hours are by appointment only, please call 510-845-3645. For additional gallery information, contact Aimee Friberg at 415-238-7385. For press information on Gallery Estraña, contact Jill Beaverson at or 510-845-3645 x220.

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