a toast to javier “marxista” arbona

tonight! monday, nov 24, 8pm at the lone palm in sf! see you!

sfcc’s very own javier arbona takes his phd oral exams today!

afterwards, you’re all invited to join javier in celebration at the lone palm bar (3394 22nd st at guerrero, san francisco), where he will imbibe beer and other hard liquors until he forgets all about the production of space/the cultural and social history of the 20th century american city/former military landscapes/yadda yadda. if you are lucky, he may crack a few lefebvre jokes and/or stand on the furniture to give a lecture on the spatial reasoning found in this tremendously influential cultural document (which he plans to cite in his dissertation):


in conclusion…
what: a toast to javier
when: monday, nov 24, at 8pm
where: the lone palm (3394 22nd st at guerrero, san francisco)
why: “the love of the linden tree/remind me of your eyes”
questions/comments? give bernice a shout at 415 939 8564


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