Marja Heppener

A work in progress….


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5 Responses to Marja Heppener

  1. Michael Lumenti says:

    Nice work… look forward to final outcome..

  2. mildred says:

    marja….don’t know if you’re the one…but here Mildred from Holland….Let me know if it’s you!!

  3. Sindy says:

    marja….. same message as mildred….. here Sindy from Holland….. Let me know if it’s you on:!!!!

  4. Sass Bruno says:

    I guess it’s an odd way to get back in touch after so much time…but that’s what the 21st century also allows us to do…Hints : Café Bastille in SFO, show of Brian Setzer and big bang orchestra…small place in the Marina…yep, that’s back in…1994 !!! remember ? well this is Bruno here, the frog…hope some way we catch up on a few conversations !!!! If you read this, hope you’re doin’well; keep me posted :….Hugs Marja, take care

  5. Kees says:

    Hi Marja hoe is het ? Long time no see ! Ciao Kees (sourceofsound@hotmail.com0

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