Rod Ciferri

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2 Responses to Rod Ciferri

  1. Lisa Haddad says:

    Met you on the speakerphone…
    Interesting sense of balance! Some of this looks 3-D, I guess because of the varying and receding lines on the (magazine?) printed paper. Cool effect. The empty white at botom right seems to hold the whole thing in place… maybe it’s the impending fall into that space? potential energy.

  2. Rod Ciferri says:

    Thank you so much! I actually made it out of advertising card (no magazine paper) and it actually is 3-D, the weird gold blue fork wing thingee in the lower left is an example (2 pieces weaved together). The colored part of the entire collage is mounted on a piece of watercolor paper cut around it and then all of it mounted on a full sheet of watercolor paper. I look forward to seeing your work and as well as the rest of the Nashville Chapter…

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