Here are a couple miniatures I’ve done recently. These have been a challenge, but are a good exercise. I’ve never really thought of working this small but really need to work on making the most of my compositions. I think these will help me see things I’ve overlooked working on larger pieces.


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Creative artist. Visit my website for full bio.
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2 Responses to Miniatures

  1. Lisa Haddad says:

    Randy, these are so cool; we have to talk “framing”. I have a few images of my first few miniatures, but they don’t seem to translate well to larger photo size. I think i need to add tiny details with a tiny brush to complete them! Will post now if I remember how…

    • rlpurcell says:

      Thanks Lisa! I just spent some time in the wood shop cutting some pieces that I hope will work like we discussed. Maybe next time we meet we can talk about how mine work and see if they will work for you also. See ya soon!

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