Mishana Hosseinioun — Fall Where They May

June 12, 2014

“Backstory on the dollar bill: Matt and I were helping out at the Abandoned Planet bookstore in the mission on the night it closed down. I was manning the desk and this guy, a bit drunk, walks in and proceeds to tear up a $ in front of me and hand me the shredded bill as a “gift”! I kept the handout and just yesterday rediscovered the envelop dated 8pm, 2 Jan 2010, emptied its contents and decided to collage with them in the way they naturally fell onto the page. The rogue piece on the top right corner -the one that got away- blew there as a result of a careless breath or sigh on my part, dislodging it from its constellation. I made peace with this and chose to honor its new landing spot. Notice though how it mysteriously mirrors the emblem on the wallpaper, as though wanting to merge with it and mint a fresh currency.”

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