San Francisco Collage Collective

The collective was formed in 2006 when Matt Gonzalez, Robin Savinar and Albert Herter began making art together. It is a loose-knit group of artists from a variety of disciplines and varying degrees of formal art training, who occasionally gather together to make collage and montage works. The primary idea is to democratize art by inviting anyone to participate.

Although as many as 75 artists have worked with the collective at some point, those who contributed works to the group’s first show were: Aimee Friberg, Albert Herter, Bernice Yeung, David Sloane, Esteban Ortega Brown, Francis Mill, Javier Arbona, Jim Dorenkott, Matt Gonzalez, Matt Springman, Matt Sullivan, Rob Reger, Robin Savinar, and Stephanie Brown.

The Collage Collective’s first show Before My Rushing Heart — New Works by the San Francisco Collage Collective opened at the ArtHouse in McAllen, Texas (Mayra Brown, gallery director). It ran from February through April 2008 and was favorably reviewed by Nancy Moyer in The Monitor on March 7, 2008

img_25091Javier Arbona

The McAllen ArtHouse show travelled to Saltillo, Mexico where it was shown at the Coahuila state capitol, opening October 7, 2008. The show Collages de San Francisco, Cal., USA was organized by Inez de Leon and was favorably reviewed in El Diario de Coahuila and El Universal in Mexico City.



Robin Savinar & Lizzy Coon

The Collage Collective’s third show Defiant Optimism was curated by Aimee Friberg and opened at Gallery Extraña in Berkeley, California on November 7, 2008. Artist showing with the collective for the first time included Lawrence Jordan, Winston Smith, Richard Stutting and Rance Brown.


Three early silent films by Larry Jordan were screened at the opening with piano accompaniment by Rob Reger.


Aimee Friberg, David Sloane and Rob Reger

The Collage Collective’s fourth show I Said It with a Brick opened at Kaleidoscope in San Francisco, California on December 3, 2009. Artist showing with the collective for the first time included Theophilus Brown, Glenna Putt, Felix Macnee, Meredith Davies, Jason West, Rachel Hoiem, Charles Gonzalez, Stacy Bellew, Ben Andrews, Lizzy Coon, Ron Stutz and Marja Heppener.

Lizzy Coon (in the background), Meredith Davies & two unidentified woman at Kaleidoscope

Theophilus Brown at Kaleidoscope.

On September 8, 2010 a show featuring five members of the collective, FIVE From Folsom Street, opened at Smith Andersen Editions in Palo Alto, California (Paula Kirkeby, gallery director). The show’s allusion to Folsom Street is a reference to the location of Gustavo Rivera’s  studio in San Francisco where these artists have worked together.

Gustavo Rivera, Glenna Putt, Kathryn Kain, Theophilus Brown, & Matt Gonzalez at Smith Andersen Editions in Palo Alto, September 11, 2010. Photograph by Paul Williams.

Matt Gonzalez collaging, September 26, 2010. Photograph by H. Brown.

The Collage Collective’s sixth show Paper, Scissors, Glue: Bay Area Collage (Karen Imperial, gallery owner) ran from May 1 to May 31, 2011 at Bryant Street Gallery in Palo Alto, California. Aung Aung Taik, Tracy Adams, Rod Ciferri, and Kim Frohsin all showed with the collective for the first time along with Matt Springman, Gustavo Rivera, and Matt Gonzalez.

Kim Frohsin collage.

The Collage Collective’s seventh show Ekstasis was at the WestSide Art House in San Francisco and opened October 21, 2011 (Scott Silverberg, gallery director).

Exhibiting with the Collective for the first time were Jean Oppermann, Danielle Rathbun, Roberta Scott, Larry Strong, Mark van Proyen, Stephanie Vernier, Karen Imperial, Tony Hall, Chuck Gonzalez, and Joe Engler.

The Collective’s eighth show Lux & Textura: Explorations Beyond the Surface ran from March 23 to April 28, 2013 at a.Muse Gallery in San Francisco. Exhibiting with the Collective for the first time were: Bobby Coleman, Lisa Rybovich Cralle, Joe Engler, Karen Imperial, Erik Litzen, Mark Van Proyen, and David Steele. The show was curated by Danielle Rathbun.


SF Collage Collective — Exhibition history

1. McAllen Art House, McAllen, Texas, 2008

2. Coahuila State Capital, Saltillo, Mexico, 2008

3. Gallery Extraña, Berkeley, California, 2008

4. Kaleidoscope, San Francisco, California, 2009

5. Smith Andersen Editions, Palo Alto, California, 2010

6. Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, California, 2011

7. Westside Art House, San Francisco, California, 2011

8. a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2013


Remix Workshop @ Incline Gallery, San Francisco

Facilitated by members of the San Francisco Collage Collective (Danielle Rathbun, Kathryn Kain, Matt Gonzalez, & Matt Springman)

Sunday, March 1—10:00am-12:00pm

Explore the potential of everyday ephemera—Muni tickets, receipts, candy wrappers—as the starting point for a new art project. Inspired by Matt Gonzalez and the San Francisco Collage Collective, we’ll be remixing old objects into our own unique works of art. Bring your own scraps, or sort through some of ours. Open for all ages, donations greatly appreciated.

31 Responses to San Francisco Collage Collective

  1. Anonamongus says:

    Thursday, August 21st 2008 – Libertine: Works Past & Present – David Ball

    Working from ready-made textures, surreal, amorphous collage application and unconsciously applied abstract brush work, David allows his images’ surfaces to suggest the direction of their growth, beginning only when the base evokes something he responds to on a basic, intuitive level.

    The work selected for Libertine is a collection of pieces subjectively addressing desire and dependency in human relationships and their outcome as well as broader aspects of social conflict. The opening reception from 6-9pm. There will be drinks and music as always. See more of David’s work at his website

  2. Jeff Kubis says:

    I make collages. Please add me to you mailing list.

  3. gwen gibson says:

    I’m opening my San Rafael studio 3 days a week to collage and mixed-media collage artists who would like the support of a community. I love collage.

  4. Hi there.
    I’m an SF collage artist and would love to learn more about your collective and possibly participate in a future art show.


  5. nychapter says:

    hey jessalyn!!! its albert. email me jpegs and i’ll post them on the site.

  6. The work shown here is inspiring me to move in a new direction in my own collage work. Please add me to your mailing list- I am very interested in what you are doing and would love to participate.

  7. Kim says:

    Very exciting to discover that there are others who like to play with scissors and to pick up “junk” on their sojourns in order to make art! A couple friends and I typically meet each month, drink vino, play muzak and kick start each other into creating a collage of the day. Many thanks for the encouragement and ideas to keep this going. Would love being included on your mailing list or to join in on the fun sometime! Thank you, Kim

  8. Rebecca Peters says:

    Marvelous! Just seeing this site for the first time; I’m also one of these in love with scissors and all the directions they pull one, would love to participate in one of the “collective” events when possible. Please include me one the mailing list. –Rebecca

  9. Judy Sacks says:

    Interest in joining the SF collective.

  10. I have been doing collage off and on for a decade. Just found out about your group and am interested in joining the SF collective

  11. John Kuzich says:

    HELLO I would be interested in calls to participate.

    Thank you – John Kuzich

  12. ramona soto says:

    Just read a review of Theophilus Brown’s show at Thomas Reynolds Gallery and thus found out about you guys. I love collage and would be interested in participating!

  13. Lisa Haddad says:

    I found your site upon checking the name of a new artists’ group: Nashville Collage Collective. We could change to something else if you felt strongly against it. If not, “collective” may actually connect and empower like-minded artists all drawing from the same visual and material pool. I love what I see in your postings; there is so much to learn from each other. I’ve been primarily a painter but am more and more drawn into collage.
    Either way, it is wonderful to have found you.
    Lisa Haddad

  14. tracey adams says:

    Karen Imperial (Bryant Street Gallery) introduced me to this website – love what you’re doing and would be interested in participating in whatever way possible. I have some images of collages on my website under Works on Paper 2010 (

    Tracey Adams

  15. Jeff says:

    Has this collective ever branched out into collage works that cross over into other mediums like books or movies?

  16. christine crockett says:

    Please add me to your mailing list!

  17. ramona says:

    Are you planning any group events or exhibitions? How would we get involved?

  18. I am an SF collage artist and printmaker. I would love to be part of the Collage Collective.

  19. David Ball says:

    Follow the link below to view the documentary short created by photographer Shaun Roberts focusing on the process and motivation behind San Francisco collage/ mixed- media artist David Ball’s newest body of work.

    Towards the Light

  20. Darla says:

    group shows ahead? Let me know….

  21. Skooter Fein says:

    I am a San Francisco Collage artist and wold like to join the collective – How does one get involved? Skooter Fein

    • Halinka says:

      Over 30 years of hand cut art…Collage has taught me more than I could possibly
      have imagined! After so many years of going solo, and now finding your group on the internet, how exciting!…Would like to know how to make contact please Thanks!

  22. I love doing collage, live in the bay area would love to connect to a group.
    It would be worth the trip to S.F.occasionally .
    My work is mixed media sometimes with collage incorporated

  23. I live in SF and do collage, have been in a couple of group shows, and would love to join the collective. Could someone send me contact and membership information? Thank you.

  24. I am interested in joining and contributing to your collective. I make collages; and I live in San Franciso.
    Caroline Kraus

  25. Hello
    I am a collage artist , having worked in the medium for over 25 years. I have enjoyed being on your mailing list for many years. How does one join? I would like to share my work with you.
    Many thanks
    Marybeth Rinehart

  26. Sarah Joost says:

    Hi there. Do you still meet as a group and are others invited? I currently belong to a group The Collage Underground and we are interested in expanding our group. We just has a show at Sanchez with Janet Jones.



  27. John Hundt says:

    Hmmmmm….how is it I never heard of SFCC? Oh, and Matt G., you gotta use something besides Elmer’s Glue. Really.

    • fmsbw says:

      Hi John, no it’s not Elmer’s, I just use an Elmer’s dispenser. It’s actually Neutral pH Adhesive made by Lineco. I’m sure you know it. Archival, dries clear, remains flexible, etc…..

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